A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt by Leonard Smith (auth.)

By Leonard Smith (auth.)

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Commentary As in the last change of scene, the Common Man is not used to make the transition, but this time he is conspicuous by his absence, because, previously, when More had called for a boat, he had appeared as the Boatman . Now More is so isolated. and such a dangerous person to know, that not even a boatman will come to take him home. This scene is the climax of the theme of friendship that has run through the play . More and Norfolk are the only true friends in the play. They are not friends for any purpose, expediency, reason or use - as are the other 'friendships'.

He flatters him with the suggestion that he has now 'risen to his proper level'; but when Rich has gone, the Common Man's comment 'Oh, I can manage this one! ' makes us realise he and Rich are in some ways alike: neither has any 'little piece of ground' which he can call his 'self. They will both shift their ground just as it suits them . But Rich is ambitious, whereas the Common Man is not. 29 Act 2, scene 3 Summary Alice enters with Chapuys and an Attendant. Before Alice goes she asks Chapuys , who has a Royal Commission to perform, to leave before her husband comes .

21 Act I, scene 7 Summary Cromwell, who has become secretary to the Council, continues the corruption of Rich by making him Collector of Revenues for York Diocese . Having made him slightly drunk, Cromwell asks him about the silver goblet More gave Rich. Rich realises this evidence is going to be used against More. Rich protests that More is an 'innocent' and 'doesn't know how to be frightened '. Cromwell replies by holding Rich's hand in the candle flame. Commentary This scene establishes how ruthless, irreligious, unprincipled - in a word, Machiavellian - More's hunters are.

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