Accidental Pharisees: Avoiding Pride, Exclusivity, and the by Larry Osborne

By Larry Osborne

Zealous religion could have a perilous, darkish part. whereas contemporary demands radical Christians have challenged many to be extra enthusiastic about their religion, the down part could be a budding conceitedness and self-righteousness that “accidentally” sneaks into our outlook.

In Accidental Pharisees, bestselling writer Larry Osborne diagnoses 9 of the commonest traps that may ensnare Christians at the street to a deeper lifetime of faith. Rejecting makes an attempt to show the decision to keep on with Christ right into a new kind of legalism, he exhibits readers the best way to stay away from the enticements of delight, exclusivity, legalism, and hypocrisy,

Larry reminds us that makes an attempt to fire up full-on discipleship and phone humans to Christlikeness might be rooted in love and humility. Christians stirred by way of calls to radical discipleship, yet not sure the best way to reply, may be challenged and inspired to increase a very Christlike zeal for God.

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Jesus’ burial was simply the connecting point between the two. Joseph and his tomb were necessary, but in the same way that a conjunction is needed in a longer sentence. That’s because I assumed that dead bodies are always buried somewhere. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In the first century, the body of a condemned criminal was dumped on the rubbish heap. It was left for scavenging dogs and vultures. No Joseph of Arimathea. No body to resurrect. No empty tomb to point to. Don’t miss this.

God had mercy on him. ” Imagine that, a traitor and tax collector made right with God. On the other hand, the Pharisee who had lived such an exemplary life that he’d begun to look down on everyone else had no such luck. His prayers were ignored. Again, don’t miss that. Star it. Underline it. According to Jesus, it didn’t matter how moral or zealous he was. His arrogant trust in his own righteousness, and his pattern of looking down on everyone else, nullified all the good he had done. It left him worse off than a low-life tax collector.

We were on fire for God. Most people weren’t. So we began to look down on everyone else. We still loved the lost and the hard-core sinner. But we disdained the less than fully sold-out Christian. We were sure that God was pleased with us and ticked off at them. We assumed that our superior hunger for Scripture and passion for God was the reason why he was pouring out his Spirit so powerfully. We had no idea that we had arrived at a place of grave spiritual danger. It wasn’t long before the movement waned.

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