Acupuncture in Practice: Beyond Points and Meridians by Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom

By Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom

A realistic guide describing the foundations and perform of contemporary clinical acupuncture. This publication frees the practitioner from dependence on rule of thumb and builds on current medical wisdom. Demystifying the needling strategy, this ebook demonstrates fast yet powerful remedy of these problems for which acupuncture is acceptable.

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In some people this goes on to become frank drowsiness. There is thus a risk that patients will be unsafe if driving or operating machinery after acupuncture. ) Patients should therefore be advised not to drive a car after receiving acupuncture; if this is unavoidable they should be warned to take extra care and this should be recorded in the case notes. The risk is greatest after the first treatment but may occur every time or may not be seen until several treatments have been given. The onset of sleepiness is not necessarily immediate; it may occur some hours later.

1999) The limbic system and emotion in relation to acupuncture. Acupuncture in Medicine, 17; 124–30. Hagen R. & Peukar E. (1999). Adverse effects of acupuncture. In: Acupuncture: a scientific appraisal (eds Ernst E. ). Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford. Chapter 5 Principles of treatment By definition, acupuncture consists in the use of needles. Injection needles are not suitable for this purpose, for various reasons: they have a cutting edge which makes them more liable to damage structures such as blood vessels and nerves, they are hollow and therefore, at least theoretically, more likely to introduce infection, and they do not produce the typical acupuncture sensations known as de qi.

This is a plastic tube in which the needle is lightly fixed. The tube is slightly shorter than the needle so that the tip of the handle projects above the top of the tube, where it may be held in place by a little plastic wedge. To insert the needle, the operator places the tip of the tube against the skin, removes the wedge (if present) and taps the end of the handle to drive the needle about 2 mm into the skin. The tube is then removed and the needle is advanced to the desired depth. Beginners are often taught to use these tubes.

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