Acupuncture: Theories and Evidence by Hong Hai

By Hong Hai

Acupuncture is broadly practised within the twenty first century in scientifically built international locations for a variety of diseases starting from continual ache, giddiness and hypertension to gastrointestinal problems and sexual disorder. but the explanations for its vaunted efficacy stay a question of controversy. In conventional chinese language scientific concept, the mechanism of motion in acupuncture was once understood when it comes to the move of qi and the stability of yin and yang during the body's meridians, a fancy community painstaking charted yet by no means came upon. glossy scientific researchers have tested outdated and new needling issues, and a few view them as "trigger issues" that stimulate physiological responses within the physique. there's additionally transparent proof of sturdy placebo results, even though it has no longer been conclusively verified that that this can be both the most or the one major effect.

This quantity includes twelve articles overlaying the most recent medical motives of the mechanism of acupuncture and significant reports of medical trials on its efficacy by way of major students, together with Edzard Ernst at Exeter, Lixing Lao on the collage of Maryland, computing device Leung on the chinese language collage of Hong Kong and Thomas Lundeberg at Karolinska Institute.

Hong Hai is Senior Fellow on the Institute of complicated stories and Adjunct Professor, Nanyang Technological collage, Singapore and Director of the Renhai hospital.

Readership: doctors, either Western doctors and TCM practitioners, acupuncturists, researchers and scholars. additionally, libraries of TCM specialist institutions and educating institutes.

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This has been very influential in Western thinking since he first proposed it with a strong trend in the Western view and in science to see the mind and body as separate, creating a kind of dualism. 34 In contrast to this, the ancient Chinese and TEAM perspective sees the mind and body as being completely inseparable: “the Chinese in contrast, accepted that the mind was part of the body, more refined and essentialized but of the same substance” (Ref. 59, pp. 20). While there have been occasional references that discussed mind and body as separate in the pre-medical (Ref.

Ref. 63, pp. 29) But acupuncture has not always involved the insertion of acupuncture needles, from its first descriptions in the Lingshu, it has also involved use of ‘needles’ with rounded ends that were pressed or rubbed on the surface of the body as non-insertion forms of acupuncture (Ref. 21, pp. 45–54; Ref. 64, pp. 27 Needling as a treatment method was introduced after the use of moxa cauterization had already been described,63,64,104 hence the frequent use of the term [鍼灸] ‘zhenjiu’ (Japanese ‘shinkyu’) ‘acumoxa therapy’ to refer to acupuncture.


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