Advertising Language: A Pragmatic Approach to Advertisements by Keiko Tanaka

By Keiko Tanaka

Ads Language analyses the methods advertisers use language to realize and hold the eye in their viewers, with specific emphasis on puns and metaphors. The booklet incorporates a detailed bankruptcy on photos of girls in eastern advertisements and is the single ebook to distinction British and jap ads, therefore revealing penetrating insights into those cultures.

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By requesting the addressee’s attention, the communicator indicates that he has reason to believe that he is providing some relevant information which will make her effort worth her while. STANDARDS IN COMMUNICATION For Grice, inferential communication is achieved by the use of a ‘Co-operative Principle’, together with maxims, a position which he expounded in his William James Lectures, delivered in 1967 (Grice 1975:45–6). These can be set out as follows: Co-operative Principle: Make your conversational contribution such as is required, at the stage at which it occurs, by the accepted purpose or direction of the talk exchange in which you are engaged.

Suppose that one wakes up with the following thought: (16) a If it’s raining, I’ll stay at home. One looks out of the window and discovers: (16) b It’s raining. From the existing assumption (16a) and the new information (16b), one can deduce some further information: (16) c I’ll stay at home. The second form of contextual effect is the strengthening of existing assumptions. One wakes up, hearing what one thinks is a pattering on the roof, and forms the hypothesis: (17) a It’s raining. One goes to the window, looks out, and discovers: (17) b It is raining.

In this view, the speaker of an utterance commits himself to the truth of the proposition expressed by that utterance. For example, supposing that (37) was said by Paul on 7 December 1992, it can be said that the speaker of (37) commits himself to the truth of (38): (37) I went to church yesterday. (38) Paul went to church on the 6th of December 1992. However, this analysis clearly does not apply in such cases as imperatives and interrogatives (Wilson and Sperber 1988a). Nor does it apply to linguistic devices much used in advertising, such as metaphor (Wilson and Sperber 1988b).

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