Aerospace Operations Against Elusive Ground Targets by Alan Vick

By Alan Vick

Identifies options and applied sciences which may increase the us Air Force's strength to notice, classify, realize, and defeat elusive objectives, no matter if dispersed flooring forces or cellular ballistic missles.

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D. ”21 But air power alone could not stop Yugoslav forces from perpetrating crimes in Kosovo, as senior Air Force leaders realized. General Short preferred to minimize efforts against fielded forces in Kosovo because he expected poor results: “We couldn’t stop the killing in Kosovo from the air. ”22 General John P. S. ” 24 Inadequate Planning Even though the Kosovo crisis developed slowly and gave ample warning, NATO neither planned nor prepared adequately for Operation Allied Force. For political reasons, NATO planned and prepared for a short air operation against a small target set (Limited Air Response), apparently based on the optimistic assumption that Belgrade would capitulate quickly.

Concepts to Detect and Defeat Elusive Maneuver Forces 37 The acoustic sensor would detect the many sounds that a motorized vehicle produces. Every vehicle type produces a unique acoustic signature with three separate characteristics: one fundamental feature at a particular frequency, a family of associated harmonics, and emissions across a broad band of frequencies.

Htm, September 16, 1999. 28 Barry and Thomas, 2000, pp. 23–26. See also John Barry’s letter to the editor, “Newsweek and the 14 Tanks,” Air Force Magazine, August 2000, pp. 6–7. S. Air Force, 2000c, pp. 12, 18–19, 23, 26, 30–31, 33. Chapter Three CONCEPTS TO DETECT AND DEFEAT ELUSIVE MANEUVER FORCES In the preceding chapter, we used the NATO experience in Kosovo to illustrate the difficulty of finding and defeating elusive maneuver forces exclusively with aerospace forces. Although current air forces might be used more efficiently against such targets, they are unlikely to achieve significant operational or strategic effects.

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