African natural plant products by H Rodolfo Juliani; James E Simon; Chi-Tang Ho

By H Rodolfo Juliani; James E Simon; Chi-Tang Ho

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13). A sieve (250 μm) was used to separate the fine particles and then weighed to calculate their percentages in relation to the total mass of dried spice (10 g). Essential oil extraction and analysis: The volatile oils were isolated from the dried fruits (100 g) by water distillation using a Clevenger-type apparatus, oil yield was calculated as percent on a dry weight basis (mL of oil/100 g dry leaves). The oils were analyzed by gas chromatography (GC) coupled to a mass spectrometry (MSD) and flame ionization (FID) detectors (Agilent GC System 6890 Series, Mass Selective Detector, Agilent 5973 Network, FID detector).

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