Ajs Review 1986: Spring, No 1 by Robert Chazan

By Robert Chazan

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The Zapu and Zanu Guerrilla Warfare (Studia Missionalia Upsaliensia)

This was once a seminal contribution to the heritage of the Zimbabwean liberation conflict, which ended with independence in 1980. The ebook takes a thought of view of either side within the guerrilla warfare, yet is very curious about the Zapu part. on the time of scripting this was once kind of uncharted territory, to a point the results of the political consequence of the struggle, which within the identify of nationwide solidarity, silenced the Zapu tale.

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7:12). Moreover, the magicians' use of secret arts could match the divine power only for the first two plagues (ibid. 8:18-19). Finally, the magicians themselves are affected by the plague of boils, causing them to disappear. For a succinct discussion of these issues, see M. Noth, Exodus: A Commentary, trans. J. S. Bowden (Philadelphia, 1962), pp. 71-72. The impotence of the Egyptian magicians vis-A-vis God was a favorite theme in rabbinic Aggadah. , Sanhedrin 67b, Exod. R. 10:7, Tanhuma, Va-Era 14.

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