All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural by Diane Stein

By Diane Stein

“By the research, experimentation and perform of traditional therapeutic, ladies are altering and charting the way forward for future health care. regardless of heavy resistance or loss of attractiveness from patriarchal medication, they're however making optimistic alterations that may proceed and raise. Women’s emphasis on one-to-one paintings practiced in mutual contract and participation is particularly assorted from mechanized and big-money medication, and has effects and successes a ways past expectancies. The emphasis on self-healing returns wellbeing and fitness care to the patron, to women’s lives and our bodies, for the 1st time in centuries. The clinical method can't regulate a flow held within the fingers of girls, although it will possibly try out. girls are taking keep an eye on back of therapeutic, our daughter-right, for the 1st time because the matriarchies and the Inquisition.”—from the creation

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As woman’s knowledge grew and her civilization developed, her knowledge of midwifery, physiology and the techniques of healing grew. The early midwife/healer was a birth coach, pediatrician, gynecologist, nurse, birth control specialist, geriatric physician, psychologist and often veterinarian. She used the tools around her and her developing knowledge of them, passed from mother to daughter, of herbs, bodywork, gemstones, reflexology, touch healing, nutrition and guided meditation to make women’s birth experiences easier and to reduce disease and disease mortality rates of newborns, children, adults, birthing mothers and elders.

Chapter One Laying On of Stones and Crystal Patterns Laying on of stones and gemstone crystal patterns are both the newest and the oldest of women’s healing techniques. An outgrowth of Goddess women’s intense interest in crystals and gemstones in the past ten years, healing work with stones reaches back into the herstory of every culture. Quartz crystal composes fully a third of the physical makeup of Goddess Earth, and gemstones and crystals are available in some form everywhere. They were known and used for healing in Native America, South America, Africa, Europe and Egypt, and were a highly developed art in ancient India.

There is nowhere to rest an amethyst, my violet crown chakra gemstone, on a woman’s head when she’s lying down, so I put it above her head on the floor. I use several pieces of amethyst, a Brazilian egg, a Mexican point and a tumbled chunk from Canada, and place them either around the woman’s head or sometimes in her hands. The clear quartz crystals, already in place, are for the transpersonal point, directing the energies of all the gemstones in flow through the chakras. The list of stones I use is just one possibility.

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