An Introduction to Measure and Integration (Graduate Studies by Inder K. Rana

By Inder K. Rana

Integration is among the cornerstones of research. because the basic paintings of Lebesgue, integration has been interpreted by way of degree conception. This introductory textual content begins with the historic improvement of the suggestion of the imperative and a evaluate of the Riemann quintessential. From the following, the reader is of course resulted in the dignity of the Lebesgue necessary, the place summary integration is built through degree thought. the $64000 simple themes are all coated: the basic Theorem of Calculus, Fubini's Theorem, $L_p$ areas, the Radon-Nikodym Theorem, switch of variables formulation, etc. The e-book is written in a casual variety to make the subject material simply obtainable. techniques are built with the aid of motivating examples, probing questions, and plenty of workouts. it might be appropriate as a textbook for an introductory path at the subject or for self-study. For this variation, extra workouts and 4 appendices were additional.

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Can we say f is Riemann integrable on [a, b] and lim Ina,b fn(x)dx n-'O° 6 Ja f (x)dx? The following exercises show that the answer in general is in the negative. 3. Show that each fn is (i) Let fn(x) = Riemann integrable and lim fn(x) = f (x) = 0 V x E (0, 1], but n-+oo 1 1 fdx does not converge to Ifol (ii) Let {rl, r2, f(x)dx. JO ... } be an enumeration of the rationals in [0, 1]. , 1 0 if x E {rl,r2,... , rn}, if x E [0,1] \ {r1, r2, ... , rn}. 1. Riemann integration 40 Show that {f}>i is a convergent sequence of Riemann integrable funclim fn(x) is a bounded function which is not Riemann tions and f (x) integrable.

At k(V + 1)x, = 1, 2, ... , thfunction f(mx)/m2 has a jump of magnitude 1/2n2 from the right and 1/2n2 from the left. ) Hence R is discontinuous at x if x = m/2k, m and 2k being relatively prime. We note that such points are dense in R. Finally, we show that R(x) is integrable. Let e > 0 be any real number. Then D, x E [a, b] w(R, x) > EJ _ {x E [a, b] x = m/2k, m and 2k relatively prime and 7r2/8k2 > e}. 1. Riemann integration 34 Thus DE is at most a finite set, and hence is a null set. 16, R is integrable.

Riemann integration 12 Thus a2 = sup{L(Pn,f)} n>1 2 ia sup{L(P,f)} _ f(x)dx P < infjU(Pj)j < infjU(Pnjf)j a2 Hence f is Riemann integrable and a fn (iii) Let f : [a, b] f (x)dx = 2 R be defined by f(x):=< 0 1 if x is a rational, a < x < b, if x is an irrational, a < x < b. It is easy to see that for any partition P of [a, b], U(P, f) = (b - a) and L(P, f) = 0. Hence 6 = 0< (b - a) = ff(x)dx 6 ff(x)dx. Thus f is not Riemann integrable. In general, it is not easy to compute the upper and the lower integrals of a function and verify its integrability.

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