Anaesthesia on the Move (Medicine on the Move) by Sally Keat

By Sally Keat

The Medicine at the Move sequence presents totally versatile entry to topics around the curriculum in a distinct blend of print and cellular codecs perfect for the busy scientific pupil and junior general practitioner. it doesn't matter what your studying type, even if you're learning a topic for the 1st time or revisiting it in the course of examination instruction, Medicine at the Move offers you the help you need.

This leading edge print and app package deal can assist you to hook up with the topic of anaesthesia in guidance for assessments and destiny scientific practice.

By utilizing this source in print or as an app, you actually will event the chance to profit medication at the move.

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3 Cardiovascular physiology = = 19 the SA node discharges and the atrium depolarizes; the atria contract synchronously (known as atrial kick), filling the ventricles with an extra 20Á30% of blood, to reach the end-diastolic volume (EDV) within the ventricles. Systole = The impulse reaches the atrioventricular (AV) node and is conducted via the bundle of His and Purkinje fibres, leading to ventricular muscle contraction. = Contraction causes a sharp increase in ventricular pressure, so immediately closes the AV valves, preventing backflow to the atria.

G. binding of neurotransmitter) 2 • Sodium channels open 3 • Threshold potential reached (+15 mV) 4 • Membrane potential overshoots, becomes positive 5 • Sodium channels close, voltage-gated potassium channels open 6 • Repolarization 7 • Hyperpolarization 8 • Return to resting membrane potential, potassium channels close 29 Fig. 14 Sequence of events in an action potential. = Relative refractory periods occur after the absolute refractory period. It is possible to generate an action potential, but only if the stimulus is greater than that usually required to overcome the threshold potential.

38 Preparing for surgery Fig. 2b Pre-anaesthesia assessment questionnaire. g. elective surgery or emergency procedure); = the patient’s condition. g. bloods, ECGs, may be done and problem results addressed prior to the day of surgery. METHODS OF ASSESSMENT Patients will usually be assessed by a specialist nurse. The assessment follows a set structure: = Pre-anaesthetic questionnaires can be used as a preliminary screening tool, prior to assessment in a clinic. = History, examination and investigations identify any factors which may affect the patient’s safety while under anaesthesia.

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