Argumentation - the study of effective reasoning by David Zarefsky

By David Zarefsky

Lecture Transcript and direction Guidebook second variation, 2005 elements 1 and a pair of.

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Consequent: the “then” clause in an “if-then” conditional statement. Controversy: a genuine disagreement between people that matters to them and that they wish to resolve. Convergent: an organizational pattern in which a group of independent claims, taken together, supports the resolution or in which a group of independent pieces of evidence, taken together, support the claim. 38 ©2005 The Teaching Company Limited Partnership Correlation: a measure of the predictable relationship between two factors, of the degree to which the presence of one predicts the presence of the other, or to which change in one predicts change in the other.

The term means “a point of rest” between opposing forces. 1. Movement toward a goal cannot resume until the opposition is transcended. 2. Stasis enables us to identify precisely what is in dispute and invites advocates to respond to it. B. The concept originated in classical rhetoric and originally was designed for courts of law. II. Classical theory established four categories of stasis, each of which will be illustrated. A. Stasis in conjecture concerns whether an act occurred. B. Stasis in definition concerns what the act should be called.

Argumentation and Debate: Critical Thinking for Reasoned Decision Making, 10th ed. : Wadsworth, 2000. The leading textbook in argumentation and debate. Gilbert, Michael A. Coalescent Argumentation. : Erlbaum, 1997. Develops a theory of argumentation in interpersonal encounters as multi-modal and fundamentally cooperative. Gottlieb, Gidon. The Logic of Choice: An Investigation of the Concepts of Rule and Rationality. London: Allen and Unwin, 1968. Develops a theory of the significance of reasoning with rules, especially in law.

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