Aristophanes: Myth, Ritual and Comedy by A. M. Bowie

By A. M. Bowie

This e-book examines the performs of the Greek comedian author Aristophanes and makes an attempt to reconstruct the responses of the unique audiences by utilizing anthropological suggestions to check the performs with these Greek myths and rituals that proportion related tale styles or material. it's the first booklet to use this sort of research systematically to the entire comedies, and in addition differs from past reviews in that it doesn't impose a unmarried interpretative constitution at the performs. All Greek is translated.

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Rogers on 727. Legg. 955c; I owe this reference to R. J. Seager. Another view of Dicaeopolis 33 perhaps excusable, since Dicaeopolis is a peasant, but one might ask what sort of a world it is in which a man has to sell his daughters at all. 59 So is it only twentiethcentury squeamishness that wants to presume here at least a measure of negative reaction in some of the audience, especially when the manner of the sale is not altogether edifying? The pun on choiros, 'pig' / 'female genitals', is amusingly worked out, especially in the discussion as to whether 'pigs' are sacrificed to Aphrodite (793—6), 60 but the inspection, prodding and debate on the development of girls still five years from puberty (782^) contrasts somewhat with Dicaeopolis' earthy but homely hopes for his own daughter at his Rural Dionysia (254-6).

1988: 40. 43 Aristophanes uses Euripides's tragedy first to defend comedy's social and political criticism (even during a war). By linking his comedy and Euripidean tragedy . . he claims for it the moral authority, literary prestige, and latitude that audiences have always given to more pretentious genres . . [Acharnians] manipulates tragedy to make the stronger claim that a comedy can offer justice to its discerning audience while allowing its outrageous hero openly to advocate and pursue treason .

The wounder will heal': rust from the spear that wounded him cures Telephus; is not 'treatywine' the comparable cure for a wound from a vine-prop? 52 Like Lamachus he has suffered from a Boeotian raid (1023; cf. 1077) and finds himself in distress before Dicaeopolis. His request for some of the wine meets with the same reply as Achilles initially gave to Telephus, but it is expressed in a more dismissive tone:53 'I don't happen to be a Health Service doctor, you know' (1030). He too is packed off to Pittalus to whom Lamachus will turn.

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