Army Field Manual FM 31-70 (Basic Cold Weather Manual) by The United States Army

By The United States Army

"This handbook is designed to organize the person soldier and small unit commander to behavior army operations for prolonged classes of time below the main serious and ranging chilly climate weather conditions. The doctrine and methods within the handbook are appropriate in any quarter that has chilly climate and snow with their accompanying operational difficulties. Troops safely proficient during this doctrine and those strategies can be capable of struggle; dwell; and circulate in any chilly climate zone of the world."-From the creation.

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Materials. The lean-to shelter, used in forested areas, is constructed of trees and tree limbs. String or wire helps in the building, but is not necessary. A poncho, a piece of canvas, tarpaulin, or a parachute, in addition to the baughs, may be used for covering. 1, ,Iu—u' 0-u. I'— IITI II __ SSIS tII IS $t %—O b. Size. The lean-to is made to accommodate a variable number of individuals. It may be built for one man only, teams, gun crews, patrols, or similar small groups. From a practical point of view, a rifle squad is the largest element to be sheltered in one double lean-to.

All are easily obtained. The porcupine, beaver, and muskrat when found on land, can be easily killed with sticks. k. Ground Squirrels. Ground squirrels abound in most cold areas and are easy to catch. They can be easily dug out of their burrows. They are especially common along streams with sandy banks. 3-28. Birds All birds and their eggs found in cold regions are edible. Certain nonmigratory birds are found in cold regions in wintertime. Several species of grouse, like the ruffed, sharp tail, spruce, and ptarmigan (which turn white in winter) are common.

Socks should be changed and the feet washed daily. If this is not possible, the boots and socks should be removed, and the feet massaged and dried. By sprinkling the feet liberally with foot powder and then rubbing the powder off, the feet can be efficiently drycleaned. e. Sleeping bags should be kept clean. Subject to operational requirements, the best method is to wear the minimum clothing in the sleeping bag. Never wear damp socks or underwear in the sleeping bag. Dry underwear and socks should be put on before going to sleep and the other set hung up to dry.

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