Aromatherapeutic Blending: Essential Oils in Synergy by Jennifer Peace Rhind

By Jennifer Peace Rhind

Synergistic mixing is on the very center of aromatherapy perform. This booklet explores the idea that of synergy and the facts for its presence and importance, and offers sensible suggestions on the way to construct aromatherapeutic blends successfully and correctly in line with examine evidence.

The writer covers new and interesting advancements in examine into using crucial oils, explores the benefits and barriers of holistic, psychosensory and molecular methods to mixing and indicates potent methods of selecting the main appropriate process for person consumers. Evidence-based profiles of crucial oils and absolutes are integrated and the great tables summarising their activities permit practitioners to spot simply capability contenders for synergistic blends.

Throughout the ebook, the writer encourages scholars and practitioners of all degrees to mirror on their perform, appraising the meant results in their blends and therapies, in an effort to emerge extra an expert and insightful practitioners.

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Bob Harris continued as editor in its later years, founding the excellent but short-lived Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics after the demise of the International Journal of Aromatherapy. 32 The Individual Prescription medicine. As a result, the evidence base and philosophical basis of aromatherapy became broader, and new avenues for practice were introduced, such as Holmes’ ‘Fragrance Energetics’ and Mojay’s ‘Five Elements Aromatherapy’. By now it will be very clear that aromatherapy encompasses diverse practices, based on a plethora of hypotheses – synergism, functional groups, the terrain, endobiogenics and also philosophies such as holism and vitalism.

The science-based molecular approach: synergy in the clinical realm At first glance, the molecular approach could be seen to epitomise reductionism and be more allied to biomedicine than complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). However, if we are to embrace holistic principles, we do need to explore the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, and the molecular approach allows us to do just this! Pénoël (1998/1999) maintained that his speciality – medical aromatherapy – may have curative purpose and preventative action, or may simply assist someone who feels well, but wants to feel better and improve their potential in general or specific areas.

Fragrance Energetics (Holmes 1997) is a model which aligns the scents of essential oils with their impact on the psyche. Holmes suggests that it is the energetic dimensions of a fragrance that elicit responses within an individual and will manifest on cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels. He proposes that if the root of a disease is in the psyche, the fragrance of essential oils will work via the 5 He includes the Four Element, Four Fluid (Humors) and Four Constitutional models (from traditional Greek medicine), the Five Elements and Eight Principles models (from traditional Chinese medicine), and the Five Elements, Three Dosha and Six Prakriti models (from Ayurvedic medicine), and also Specific Symptomatology (from homeopathy).

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