Ascension: Connecting With the Immortal Masters and Beings by Susan Shumsky

By Susan Shumsky

Ascension takes to the air in an enormous new path. i actually think your insights into your self and the area during which you reside can be altered endlessly by way of interpreting this booklet. --James Van Praagh, non secular medium, writer of Unfinished Business"In her unique and certain paintings Ascension,? Shumsky manages to unearth arcane secret teachings that easily can't be came upon in other places. Ascension not just tells the heritage legends of varied Immortal Masters and Ascended Beings, however it additionally offers the key keys that unencumber the door to actual immortality. i am excited to assert she has written and illustrated yet one more wonderful publication. learn this one correct now!"--Dr. Joe Vitale, writer, The Attractor issue, "Ascension might be a thrill on your soul! it is going to circulation you from the mundane to the brilliant. every body merits to understand their actual strength and you'll be in radical amazement that actual Immortality and Ascension may be yours. thanks, Susan. Your paintings is amazing."--Sondra Ray, writer of l7 books, together with Rock Your international With The Divine Mother"This number of immortal beings isn't present in one position. we will be able to examine them to turn on extra of our divine potential."--Leonard D. Orr, writer of Breaking the loss of life behavior: The technology of eternal Life.You won't ever die. past the mortal barriers of your actual shape, you're an immortal being, dwelling eternally in a beauteous, radiant physique of luminous spheres in a number of dimensions. Ascension: Connecting With the Immortal Masters and Beings of sunshine will open your eyes to those spheres. you are going to start to wake up your precise, immortal self an impressive being of exceptional mild, radiance, and glory. Ascension leads you into the depths of your being to recuperate what should be referred to as your greater self, dad or mum angel, internal guru, religious consultant, master-teacher, or God inside of. you'll meet and consciously converse with deities, angels, archangels, and masters from around the world traditions, in addition to with divine beings own and certain to you. them all are desirous to meet and speak with you.In this interesting booklet, you will find: the best way to meet the ascended masters and angels of light.Stories, appealing work, and drawings of those immortal beings.What it potential to event ascension and stroll past death.Stories approximately visitations from divine beings.People dwelling this day who will be ascended masters. Inspiring messages from the immortal masters and deities.

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Nearly every one of the signers died bankrupt. The courage it took for these 56 prosperous men to sign away their fortunes and to invite capture and certain death could only be inspired by a master such as Saint Germain. Saint Germain’s violet, purifying flame of transmutation is used by seekers everywhere to lift their consciousness and quicken their bodies, furthering their ascension process. See page 225 for a Violet Flame Invocation. Dieities of the Classical World 12 Gods of Antiquity The immortal Olympian deities are said to live on the highest mountain of Greece, at the borderline between earth and sky.

Blavatsky and The bright sun of God shines upon their eternal love. Theosophy, the Elohim The entire creation is made manifest through the are hosts of spiritual beunion of male/female or yin/yang. Without duality, ings called “Lords of there can be no visible universe. Meditation” (dhyani chohan). The “Seven Mighty Elohim” are equated with the “Seven Spirits Before the Throne” in the biblical Book of Revelation. They are said to be the cosmic creators of this system of worlds, the “Seven Builders Around the Throne” of ancient Sumeria, Gods of the seven pole-stars, whose seats were in the never-setting stars around the throne of Anu.

Countess de Genlis and Ninon de l’Enclos both received this youth remedy. One of the most beautiful women in France, the controversial author and courtesan Ninon de l’Enclos was age 80 when her grandson fell in love with her. Dr. Raymond Bernard’s The Great Secret of Count Saint Germain reports that the French ambassadress Madame de Gergy saw Saint Figure 4b. ” —Ninon de L’Enclos, Marquis Balletti. At that time he in a letter to Saint-Evremond. looked 45 years old, and he gave her an elixir that preserved her youth a long time.

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