Asterisk, Edition: 2nd ed by Jim Van Meggelen; Jared Smith; Leif Madsen

By Jim Van Meggelen; Jared Smith; Leif Madsen

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In an analog telephone, the transmitted signal is analogous to the sound waves produced by the person speaking. If you could see the sound waves passing from the mouth to the microphone, they would be proportional to the electrical signal you could measure on the wire. Analog telephones are the only kind of phone that are commonly available in any retail electronics store. In the next few years, that can be expected to change dramatically. Proprietary digital telephones As digital switching systems developed in the 1980s and 1990s, telecommunications companies developed digital Private Branch eXchanges (PBXes) and Key Telephone Systems (KTSes).

A wealth of BRI devices have been developed, but BRI has largely been deprecated in favor of faster, less expensive technologies such as ADSL, cable modems, and VoIP. BRI is still very popular for use in video-conferencing equipment, as it provides a fixed bandwidth link. Also, BRI does not have the type of quality of service issues a VoIP connection might, as it is circuit-switched. § Citel has produced a fantastic product that is limited by the fact that it is too expensive. If you have old proprietary PBX telephones, and you want to use them with your Asterisk system, Citel’s technology can do the job, but make sure you understand how the per-port cost of these units stacks up against replacing the old sets with pure VoIP telephones.

There is some evidence that suggests connecting together two completely separate, single-CPU systems may provide far more benefits than simply using two processors in the same machine. You not only double your CPU power, but you also achieve a much better level of redundancy at a similar cost to a single-chassis, dual-CPU machine. Keep in mind, though, that a dual-server Asterisk solution will be more complex to design than a single-machine solution. • Consider using multiple processors, or processors with multiple cores.

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