Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis, 1e by Marco Romoli

By Marco Romoli

This identify relies on 5000 auricular acupuncture observations made in either fit topics and in sufferers stricken by quite a few illnesses. The author's goal is to supply physicians and therapists with an leading edge diagnostic version, giving them the potential of a fuller figuring out in their sufferers.

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It is understandable that every author considers his own graphic system to be more valuable than others. I need therefore to make a short review of this topic. Probably the easiest way to illustrate a specific point to students is to insert a needle on a rubber model of the ear, as the Chinese and other practitioners do in the West. This method is very useful for teaching small groups, but not so useful if there are more than 8–10 students in a class and if it is Fig. 13 ‘Nogier’s buffer’ (courtesy of Sedatelec).

The spinal cord posterior horn selective gate. In 1965, Melzack and Wall16 formulated the gate control theory of pain, suggesting that some inhibitory neurons of the substantia gelatinosa connected with Ad and C pain fibers could be activated by sensory myelinated Ab fibers closing the door to the spinothalamic tract conveying pain sensation. In fact, the posterior horn is divided into six lamina described by Rexed which contains many interneurons allowing connections between Ad and C fibers linked to lamina I, II, III and Aa and Ab large myelinated fibers.

The patient had diabetes and hypertension and died 3 years later with acute congestive heart failure. 2). As no statistical analysis was carried out by the authors themselves, we tried to identify a possible association between the morphological type and the disease using the w2 test. 005). 16 for females. 4 respectively. The effort made to separate two morphological types with opposite characteristics did indeed produce a better understanding of the connections between the shape of the ear and the tendency toward specific groups of health disorders.

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