B-24 Liberator in detail & scale by Bert Kinzey

By Bert Kinzey

B-24 Liberator intimately

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Cost. Known New capability. Less weight. Cost savings. Requires new battlefield fuel. Fuel cell (solid oxide) Emerging. Not considered. Emphasis on small sizes. Laboratory prototypes in 20-W range. Research in high-capacity designs. High temperature. Materials. Integration and systems. Known New capability. Less weight. Easier to utilize battlefield fuels. More efficient. Internal combustion Some versions mature. Hobby application sizes coupled to generators. No commercial products on market. Commercial applications with motor-alternator combinations in 30 to 100 W/kg range.

Considered for low-capacity niche applications. Known Power System Impact on Soldier Power Not applicable owing to low efficiency. Possible niche application in small sizes. Known Safety. Environmental impact. Cost. Public acceptance. Known Driver for reducing power demand. NOTE: SOA, state of the art; Li ion, lithium ion; JP, jet propellant; ZT, thermoelectric figure of merit. aNRC, 1997. FIGURES OF MERIT The governing figure of merit used to discriminate among and, in the final analysis, to rank-order the technologies was total system mass (as estimated from the specific energy of the underlying technology).

Known New stealth capability. Inexpensive technology. Can be made to operate on JP fuels. Potential for high-energy missions. Microturbine Emerging. Considered promising. Not considered owing to lack of progress in producing workable systems. Fuels. Specific power. System-specific energy. Materials. Cost. Unknown Power System State of the Art, 1997a State of the Art, 2003 Impact on Soldier Power continued 16 MEETING THE ENERGY NEEDS OF FUTURE WARRIORS TABLE 2-1 Continued State of the Art, 1997a State of the Art, 2003 Item Considered Scaling Laws Thermoelectric Some versions mature.

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