Behold the Man (Sf Masterworks 22) by Michael Moorcock

By Michael Moorcock

Meet Karl Glogauer, time vacationer and not going Messiah. while he unearths himself in Palestine within the yr 29AD he's surprised to fulfill the fellow referred to as Jesus Christ -- a drooling fool, hiding within the shadows of the carpenter's store in Nazareth. but when he isn't able to enjoyable his old position, then who will take his position?

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He had not gone back specifically to witness the crucifixion, but to get the mood of Jerusalem during the Feast of the Passover, when Jesus was supposed to have entered the city. Monica had thought Jesus had stormed the city with an armed band. She had said that all the evidence pointed to that. All the evidence of one sort did point to it, but he could not accept the evidence. There was more to it, he was sure. If only he could meet Jesus. John had apparently never heard of him, though he had told Glogauer that there was a prophecy that the Messiah would be a Nazarene.

Sent by Adonai to help us accomplish His will. " Glogauer was tired. He had eaten very little and had spent most of the day in the sun, tending the goats. He yawned, finding it hard to reply. However, he was relieved. John had plainly been in Jerusalem trying to discover if the Romans had sent him as a spy. John now seemed reassured and trusted him. He was worried, however, by the Baptist's faith in his powers. "John," he began. "I'm no seer. . " The Baptist's face clouded for a moment, then he laughed awkwardly.

Obviously Christ had not entered the city for the last time yet. John the Baptist would have to die before that happened. The Essenes' way of life was comfortable enough, for all its simplicity. and a staff and, except for the fact that he was watched by day and night, he appeared to be accepted as a kind of lay member of the sect. Sometimes they questioned him casually about his chariot the time machine they intended soon to bring in from the desertand he told them that it had borne him from Egypt to Syria and then to here.

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