Believing and Accepting, 1st Edition by Pascal Engel

By Pascal Engel

The suggestion of trust figures prominently in modern philosophy of language and brain and in cognitive technological know-how. those essays tackle quite a number matters about the complexity of our trust attitudes, their contents, and the impression of motivational elements on ideals. The ebook is addressed to philosophers, psychologists, cognitive scientists and social theorists drawn to the matter of illustration, metarepresentation and the contents of propositional attitudes.

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This description oflength I believe true as based on the measurement. Faced with the problem of buying a covering cloth for the table, I might accept as true a description of the table as being 4 feet long, as such a description is sufficiently exact for this purpose. I might then both assert and assent to this description, and use it as a basis for my purchase. But though I accept the imprecise description as true, I wouldn't believe it true. On some other occasion, say when replacing a plank on the table's top, I would instead accept the description with an accuracy to the nearest sixteenth of an inch.

See his Origins of Analytical Philosophy (London: Duckworth, 1993), p. 147. 16 That denial can be appropriate is noted by David Rosenthal in "Thinking That One THE POSSIBILITY OF ACCEPTANCE 53 Thinks" in M. Davies and G. , Consciousness (Oxford: Blackwell, 1993). In terms of this duality of pragmatic function in the first person we can explain the example ofthe mad patient given in Jean-Pierre Dupuy's "Mauvaise Foi and Self-Deception" in this volume. In effect, Dupuy's patient says, "I believe I'm mad, but I also believe I'm not mad", with the first occurrence of "believe" used descriptively of himself based on behavioral evidence and the second used expressively.

Lambert, ed. The Logical Way of Doing Things, Yale University Press Wellman, H. (1993) Children's theory ofmind , Blackwell, Oxford Williams (1973) "Deciding to believe", in his Problems of the Self, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press Wittgenstein, L. (1953) PhilosophicalInvestigations, Blackwell, Oxford THE POSSIBILITY OF ACCEPTANCE WITHOUT BELIEF D. S. Clarke Southern Illinois University at Carbondale My topic is the problem of detennining whether it is possible for a person to accept a proposition without believing it, to accept, for example, that a table in a room is four feet long but not believe this to be true, or to accept but not believe that the universe originated with a big bang.

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