Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough

By Colleen McCullough

An unforgettable Australian saga of sisterhood, kin, love and betrayal.

This is the tale of 2 units of twins, Edda and charm, Tufts and Kitty, who fight opposed to all of the restraints, prohibitions, legislation and prejudices of Nineteen Twenties Australia. simply the submissive but steely Grace burns for marriage; the sleekly refined Edda burns to be a physician, the down-to-earth yet brave Tufts burns by no means to marry, and the too-beautiful, internally scarred Kitty burns for a love loose from male ownership.

Turbulent instances, negative torments, however the 4 significant Latimer sisters, every one so diversified, love as ladies do: with tenderness in addition to ardour, and with hearts roomy sufficient to carry their males, their teenagers, their careers and their sisters.

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