British Women and the Spanish Civil War (Routledge Canada by Angela Jackson

By Angela Jackson

Via oral and written narratives, this booklet examines the interplay among girls and the conflict in Spain, their motivation, the specified type of their involvment and the influence of the warfare on their person lives. those topics are regarding wider matters, equivalent to the character of reminiscence and the position of ladies in the public sphere. the level to which ladies engaged with this reason surpasses by way of a ways different cases of lady mobilization in peace-time Britain. any such phenomenon consequently can provide classes to people who would need to inspire a better measure of curiosity among ladies in political actions at the present time.

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And his son, Francis, was the first great love of my life – I fell completely in love with him. 92 There are other examples of women whose involvement in politics was perhaps deepened through personal relationships. The marriage of George Green to Nan Farrow was one such instance. Through her work in an insurance office Nan Farrow had already learned about the conditions in which miners and others were working. She knew the inadequacies of the compensation they were given when injured, and the paltry amount allocated to their widows.

But I always said it was, it was your business. 3 Micky Lewis A similar sense of responsibility compelled Frida Stewart to work for many ‘causes’ throughout her life, and for the peace movement in particular. From her viewpoint as a small child, the First World War seemed to have been going on for ever, and by 1918 she felt she must try to do something to help bring peace. This unselfish desire was combined with contrasting self-interest typical of a child: 16 British Women and the Spanish Civil War At last though, hopes [of peace] rose and as my eighth birthday approached I began to add a special plea to God to arrange for the war to end that day.

74 She was soon to find a substitute in the excitement of spreading the socialist message of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) on the street corners and beyond: The details of that first [ILP] branch meeting remained etched on my mind while a first love affair at the same time remains dim . . 75 But it was hearing Katharine Bruce Glasier speaking on the subject of ‘Socialism as a Religion’ at a meeting the following week that Ellen Wilkinson later recalled as the dawning of her ambitions: To the undersized girl listening in the gallery, this woman, not much bigger than herself, seemed the embodiment of all her dreams, all her secret hopes.

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