Bulletproof Your Job: 4 Simple Strategies to Ride Out the by Stephen Viscusi

By Stephen Viscusi

There's without doubt approximately it, today's place of work is an doubtful and treacherous territory. Newspaper headlines are proclaiming close to record-high degrees of unemployment, and, in those difficult occasions, businesses are making fast judgments approximately human capital.

The final analysis: No activity is safe.

But there are attempted and actual how you can struggle off unexpected unemployment effectively, and the #1 weapon on your arsenal is place of work specialist and tv and radio character Stephen Viscusi's profession manifesto, Bulletproof Your Job. in response to 4 basic thoughts for dodging the layoff bullet and a protracted record of the way to implement those concepts, Bulletproof Your Job may perhaps prevent out of your worst enemy at work—which in order that occurs to be you.

Quite easily, discover those relevant rules:

Be obvious. Be effortless. Be priceless. Be ready.

With lots of detailed motion goods, dozens of anecdotal illustrations and examples, and lists and assistance for adapting bulletproof concepts on your personal state of affairs, Bulletproof Your Job will assist you to leverage the black-and-white stuff—your identify, wage, and tenure—with the gray stuff—your courting with coworkers, visibility within the place of work, and talent to make your boss glance good—to push back the pink stuff—the dreaded layoff observe. whereas you're at it, you'll be making a long term technique for task safeguard and profession development that guarantees you'll by no means suppose this weak again.

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